A great deal of wearable innovation is hitting the market nowadays, some more helpful than others. In any matter, SafeBand doesn’t simply need to be a smartwatch, or wellness tracker, or associated with your cell phone. It needs to be everything.

This Kickstarter venture is fusing essentially all wearables, close by several highlights that haven’t been related with the configuration. It is a push to make a definitive wearable tech, so you don’t need to single out your highlights.

With the SmartBand, you can:

Track wellness levels, and coordinate with Google Fit.

Follow physical developments to remind you to move more, wake you dependent on rest cycles, and get familiar with your every day schedules.

Control admittance to gadgets like PCs, cell phones and tablets utilizing auto lockdown/login.

Permit you to ensure assets by joining “small labels”, which will alarm you in the event that you get excessively far from them, or they are unexpectedly moved or changed. This incorporates labeling individuals and creatures, so you don’t lose them in a group or new zone.

Joining of an emergency signal that can be modified to contact 911, or a friend or family member with a solitary press, in the event of crises.

Send messages, GPS facilitates, switch on a camera, switch on a voice recording.

Take programmed image of cheats in the event that they swipe your telephone.

This is only a halfway rundown. I nearly expected the undertaking page to guarantee this thing delivered a genie that could satisfy the purchaser’s natural wishes.

At the present time, they have not come anyplace close to meeting their objective, yet the undertaking actually just commenced. On the off chance that you hustle, you can get the band for 55% off the retail cost on their excessively brisk riser extraordinary. That is certainly justified, despite all the trouble, in the event that you need a wearable that doesn’t appear to be restricted, by any means.

I would state that this sort of thing could be the new norm. The rundown of highlights appears to be somewhat massive and unmanageable, yet remember this is a solitary wristband and a few little labels, close by a minuscule USB port. It isn’t at all difficult to deal with.

This is the first occasion when I have seen a wearable tech thing and imagined that it would really be a cool thing to possess. All things considered, I have consistently sort of needed a wellness tracker. This is, and significantly more, for a large portion of the cost.

Doesn’t look terrible, either.

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