Neptune Suite, an IndieGoGo crusade out of Montreal, Canada, has thought of a wearable gadget that you would really need to spend the cash on. It is an across the board close to home gadget that can do much more than a portion of the smartwatches by the enormous folks.

Hoping to make a truly smartwatch, not only an extravagant one with two or three included highlights, the Neptune Suite may have really figured out how to upset the business.

Here is the thing that you should know:


You can settle on decisions, which is likely the greatest news about the Neptune. Indeed, not every person needs to go all super-spy and settle on watch decisions, yet it is a cool development in the tech, in any matter.

More viable is the capacity to send messages, including through swiping genuine content onto the screen with a finger. They have a QWERTY console accessible for composing writings or sending messages.

It gives consistent notices that can be turned on or off in your settings, which are fueled (like calls, messages, perusing the web and email) with 2G, 3G, 4G, WIFI and Bluetooth network. They secured their bases well there.

The entirety of this likewise underpins the utilization of real time amusement, for example, recordings and music. Despite the fact that how well video will be seen on such a little screen is far from being obviously true.

Other incredible highlights incorporate wellness following (a pedometer, gyrator, accelerometer and, GPS for precise calories consumed, separation and action observing), a front and back camera, and a smooth plan controlled by Android.

Taking It To New Screens

Neptune gives three kinds of screen you can buy to extend your utilization, however the capacities of the smartwatch are as yet restricted most definitely. You can get a pocket screen the size of a huge Android telephone, a tablet screen, or a genuine PC clone total with console. These all sync up by tapping the Neptune aside.

In any matter, the more intelligent activity is most likely to purchase the Dongle, a huge USB streak drive that transforms any screen with a viable port into a working screen for utilizing your information.


This thing is ridiculously cool. In the event that no other item has truly had the option to present a solid defense for wearables, the Neptune Suite has dealt with the accomplishment. Indeed, even I, bluntly unresponsive about the innovative class, could see myself with one of these.

I would state the main drawback is the size, as it is a beast. However, if its all the same to you lashing a little cell phone screen to your wrist, you’re brilliant.

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